Smartspeed PT: Tijdmeet systeem met 2 tripods



      Eenvoudig, accuraat tijdmeet systeem

      Speciaal geselecteerd voor voetbalverenigingen in het hogere segment welke tegen betaalbare prijs aan snelheidsmeting willen doen van spelers



      Ideal for schools, club coaches and personal trainers, PT is the ideal solution for accurately timing your athletes on a regular basis. All the quality and accuracy typical of SMARTSPEED products, with an entry level price tag.



      The World’s Only Timing System for Smartphones and Tablets

      Compatible with all popular Apple and Android mobile devices, simply take SMARTSPEED PT out of the box, download the free app, and start testing in minutes.



      Technology You Can Rely On

      Impact and water resistant, engineered for daily use, resistant to the bumps of any training environment, and easy to use, the SMARTSPEED PT system will be your training and testing companion.

      With results accurate to our world-class standard of 1000th of a second and incorporating Fusion Sport’s independently proven SMARTBEAM Error Correction Processing, there has been no compromise on precision, even compared to our market leading SMARTSPEED PRO systems.

      • Compatible with a wide range of mobile smart devices and tablets

      • Handy protective carry case built for airline carry-on compliance

      • Visible laser-assist diode for easy alignment in seconds

      • 10+ hour battery life and user replaceable batteries

      • System upgradable via USB across the web

      • Compatible with numerous SMARTSPEED range accessories such as hand start pads, manual start switches, SMARTSCAN RFID automation and SMARTSHOXX vibration/impact triggers

      • Up to four standard 2 gate configurations can be joined together on one mobile device, allowing up to 8 gates total for split timing.

      • Easily run standardized tests such as Pro-Agility start to finish Sprints with splits, L-Drill and T-Test, and of course the flexible Free-Timing protocol for any test configuration you can imagine.



        SMARTSPEED PT comes in a tough yet lightweight carry case ready to use the moment you open the box. All you need is a compatible Apple or Android device and you are ready to go. Each pack contains:


      What's in the box

      1 x SmartSpeed PT Remote Timing Unit

      1 x SmartSpeed PT Case

      1 x Reflector

      2 x Fusion Sport Tripod

      1 x 5v Charger

      1 x USB to micro cable

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      Toon meer

      Smartspeed PT: Tijdmeet systeem met 2 tripods
      € 1.575,-
      Smartspeed PT: Tijdmeet systeem met 2 tripods
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